My name is Müller János Péter, I’m dealing with manufacture and trade of hungarian handmade products for 17 years.

From 1995 to 2002 I worked in Hungary, my debut in Europe was in 2000 in Germany. I’m travelling regularly around the continent from 2002.

Originally I worked as a cook and therefore I have met a lot of people, hungarian and foreigner as well, so I got a lot of experience in tourism. In 1995 there was a big change in my life. That was the year when I “married” one of my biggest love, the handicraft.I was always intended to show more through our products about Hungarian culture than a tourist usually can see when visits Budapest. In the city center I ran a business which showed the ancient origines of our culture. The products stemed mainly from the 9-10th century demonstrating traditional professions which are making them, like bow making, leatherworking, feltmaking, enameling. This shop was overcoming the traditional hungarian common places as goulash, “matyó” and “kalocsai” samplers, red paprika, ceramics, ecc.)

In 2002 this opportunity ceased and seemed evident according to the portfolio that we can take a chance in medieval and viking markets. So, I started to find and take place in events like that to get known our colture, products and traditions by European people.

The primary destination of our trips was Scandinavia, and after a lot of long year last summer I had a small but brave young group working in three different time zones.

During the last ten years we reached to work up close relationships with organizers of the biggest medieval and viking festivals in Europe, they give us warm welcome year by year.